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BEST Cupcakes

(and Baked Goods)

in Beechview

From Scratch × Crafted with Creativity


Byte Me!  Trust us - it's a term of endearment.

Photos by Missy Sorg

Byte Me is a creative cupcakery and bakery in the Beechview neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  We say cupcakery because cupcakes are our staple baked good - primarily because they're an easy way to introduce creativity to baking.  Between the potential color and flavor combinations, the options are almost limitless.  But, we do way more than cupcakes, too.  

Did you know Missy created an award-winning cookie recipe?  

About that name.  There's nothing like a good play on words.  When you take someone who is tech-centered with a penchant for baking, interesting things are bound to happen.  Byte Me is what happens when an Alice-in-Wonderland "Eat Me/Drink Me" train of thought takes a trip through computer land.  (For those not necessarily tech savvy, a "byte" is a unit of memory size for computers.)




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Pittsburgh, PA 15216



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